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About | Living Hope Christian Church


Looking for a really happening, “big-box” church? Want a corporate feel where you can get lost in the crowd? Just need some topical, feel-good messages or weekend entertainment?

Sorry. Living Hope isn’t for you.  But…

If you’re interested in a church where real people are growing together and digging deep into the Bible… a community where the family is an important part of corporate worship and ministry…

Living Hope just might be for you. Still interested? Here’s what’s important to us.


It’s more than the Sunday service. It’s more than doing stuff in ministry.

It’s being the church as we go about the everyday stuff of life. It’s a lifestyle that fits into God’s plan for who we’re supposed to be—right here in the greater Sacramento area.

On Sundays, you’ll hear an acoustic guitar-driven worship team playing a mix of modern worship songs and the historic hymns of the faith. And don’t be surprised if you see a kid or two serving in the music ministry!

The Word

You’ll find people who love digging deep into God’s Word. Sunday messages are typically preached verse-by-verse, and we go through whole books of the Bible together.

You’re not a spectator, either. We may incorporate skits, live Q & A, and short discussion groups, too! (Although it’s totally fine if you just want to hang back for a bit during the interactive sections. No pressure!)


We’re big on authentic community. This goes beyond Sunday mornings, Bible studies, and Community Life Groups. It’s about getting together during the week, praying for each other, and holding each other accountable. That can sometimes get messy, but we’re all in this thing together—learning to love like God loves us.

At Living Hope, you get a real church family. It’s no problem to get personal e-mails, texts, calls and real face-to-face time with your pastor and spiritual leaders!


Being disciples means being serious students of Jesus—learning to live together like He wants us to.  Part of this means confronting the tough issues, and speaking the truth in love to our brothers and sisters.

We try to create an environment that helps our community be real with each other and with God. There’s even a special time of quiet reflection during our Sunday services, where you can pray and privately respond to what God is doing in your life.


Integrating the family into the life of the church is important to us. Most of our outreach, service opportunities, ministries and fellowship times don’t split the family apart.

One of the most obvious ways you can see this is on Sunday mornings. Even though we’ve got a caring children’s church option, all our  kids stay with us up until the message. After that, most of the children go to their classes. But some of them stay in the service with their parents. And that’s OK, too.