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Dr. couldn’t believe it. God is sill in the Miracle Business. | Living Hope Christian Church

Dr. couldn’t believe it. God is sill in the Miracle Business.

Miracle… Miracle… Miracle…

The doctor looked at me as though I was crazy and in reply I said , “Yeah, but it is one and I’ll take one. It’s a miracle Hallelujah.”

The Characters in this amazing story:


My back

My back doctors

My neighbor

His hospice care

My wife

The Lord.

Where do I begin: With my neighbor or with my back?  Back or neighbor? Neighbor or back?

My Back:  A couple years ago I was sitting at my desk and I heard a loud crack like something in my back had suddenly snapped. Wakeboarding? NO! Snowboarding? NO! At my desk – how lame was that? Suddenly I had this debilitation pain that almost crippled me.  Many moons later… much pain later… two walking canes… a walker… help getting up from chairs, couldn’t bend over to put my socks on… many, many, many sleepless nights, spinal injections, medications and three MRI’s later… the back specialist had no explanation why every single one of the ten disc they imaged were torn, ripped, leaking, herniated, some were bulging and I had stenosis and narrowing of the nerve paths from my neck all the way to my sternum. Four full pages of medical jargon to say that my back was in terrible shape.  I could have told them that without the MRI’s… wait, I did!

It really was no wonder with all the car accidents, motorcycle accidents, boating accidents, falls, skiing accidents…karate – sparing… I had a hard life and now it had all come back to wreak havoc. The pain is incredible and often debilitating

My Neighbor: With cancer all over his body he was released from the hospital 8 months ago to die at home. The doctors had given him 3 to 5 days to live. This guy is amazing and strong and decided he would not surrender and die in bed. Determined to get out of his death bed, he willed himself back into his powered wheel chair he had been using since an accident that paralyzed him 35 years ago.

As he has been getting weaker, I go over at least twice a day.  Not only do I sit and read psalms and pray for him, but I also help get him out of bed every day and help him back into bed each evening.

My Wife: The voice of reason.

Let me explain: The worst thing I can do for my back is to bend over, pick up a load and twist my body.  The only way to get my friend out of bed is for me to lean over his wheelchair, across his bed, have him put his arms around my neck as I pick him up while twisting and turning with all his weight in my bent position to get him in and out of bed.

“Mark that is the worst thing you can do. You have to be careful with your back! Can I help you?”

“Thanks Kerry, but no. There is no possible way for two people in the spot where I have to be in order to life him.”

She understands.

I say, “It’s the loving thing. It’s the right thing to do. Let’s dedicate this act of service to the Lord and commit my back for His service.” I know full well that I can’t hold God hostage or make Him do anything as though He owes me. Both Kerry and I decided that we want to love my neighbor and trust God more than I even love my back.  I don’t want to be careless or foolish, but I want to be marked by giving my life away including my back.

She said, “Okay.”

The doctor:  Valentine ’s Day, Thursday Feb 14th I’m at the office of the Back Specialist.   He is reading my newest set of MRI’s befuddled and confused he throws out some very technical jargon and says you know that disc S2/3 the one that was ripped and had “chunks” (chunks are his words)… well there is no sign of any tearing and the chunks have been absorbed back into the disk. Of course I shouted hallelujah. I said I’m expecting more of that… I’m believing in a miracle.  He’s like, “Well, well, well, well now, hold on a minute turbo. That’s only one!

Me:  I said, “Yeah, but it is one and I’ll take one” It’s a miracle…Hallelujah.

God has given me the opportunity to exercise love that requires sacrifice. This opportunity is God’s gift to me as I learn to love more like Christ has loved me.

Oh, and did I tell you that Cecil accepted the Lord into his heart!

It is only by God’s free gift of grace that we can live beyond ourselves to make His Name famous among the nations.